About Me

Welcome to my website,

My name is Sina Alipour-Nazari, and I am a blockchain, neuroscience, and computing enthusiast. My long-term professional goal is to extend the applications of the emerging and high-growth blockchain economy.  So far, my interest in the blockchain economy has led me to train myself into a skilled solidity programmer. Further to my interest in Blockchain (which is in fact, a globalized processor), I am most fascinated with the two most complicated user-level processors in the world: computers and the human brain. I dream about how the processing powers of the human brain can be modified, enhanced, or even combined with computers’ processing power to generate new possibilities for mankind.

brain and computer

I hold an Honours Bachelor of Science from York University, where I worked as a biomedical research assistant for two years and earned a second-author publication in neuroscience. In 2013, I joined a pharmaceutical small business as a business associate, during which I marketed nutritional supplements. I am currently pursuing an MBA degree at the Schulich School of Business in Toronto, specializing in strategic management and entrepreneurship. Throughout my career, I have proved to myself that I love process design: I enjoy designing and validating experiments, programming, writing SOPs, and engaging in other projects in which I aim to make people and processes more productive.