An Introduction to Marketing

Welcome to my blog, everyone,

As I reflect on my first year MBA, I will summarize on my entire first year of MBA into my blog. Let me start with marketing because I frankly think that everyone, and not just businessmen, should know about marketing principles. Whether you work in product design, sales, or in business development, or even if you are searching for a job, you should know how to market a product, your personal brand, and the company you represent.

In professor JMC’s books, marketing is all about the process of… profitably offering… the right product/service… to the right person… at the right time… in the right manner… at the right place… at the right price. Over the next few days, I will take you through each part of the marketing definition and explain how marketing principles and concepts can be used to make sure you can market your product.

  • product (concepts: value perception, customer-centricity)
  • people (concepts: segmentation, targeting)
  • promotion (concepts: positioning, branding, communication)
  • time (concepts: value perception)
  • place (concepts: distribution channel, shopping experience, value perception)
  • price (concepts: value perception)

Aside from “time”, the other parts of the marketing definition (product, people, promotion, place, price) are often referred to as the five P’s of marketing.

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