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Writing a Business Plan: Situational Analysis (Market Research)

Situational analysis is all about conducting market research for drawing a strategic plan and a marketing plan. After conducting market research, you expect to understand the structure of your company’s customer, the company itself, and your current and future market/industry/competitors. As you go through your market research, use and cite sources to support your claims….

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Writing a Business Plan: Company Profile

The company profile is the first component of a business plan and is, in essence, a description of the company. In this section, you identify the company’s founders and directors, tell a story about their personal backgrounds (life experiences, passions, achievements and awards, and volunteer work) and professional backgrounds (education, training, skills, work experience, networks,…

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Writing a Business Plan: Some Hints

Please review these hints once before and once after writing your business plan. aim for 15-30 pages organize the business plan into multiple sections, and sections into multiple headings proofread the business plan multiple times Write in a third person voice. Refer to your own company’s name. Avoid using “I” or “We” Be concise… use concise…

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Writing a Business Plan

Now that we covered the basics of marketing, I think you are well-equipped to apply your knowledge of marketing concepts in writing a business plan. I acknowledge that a sophisticated business plan would require some understanding of marketing, strategy, and finance. I haven’t yet written about strategy and finance, but I will include pieces of my…

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