My Mission Statement

Hello everyone,

Based on the advice I have received from highly successful people I have met, the best way to lead a successful life is to first decide what you want to achieve (where you want to be), look at your own positions and what you have (where you are), and take the shortest route that takes you from where you are to where you want to be. Basically, as Stephen Covey puts it in the seven habits of highly effective people, you should first put the ladder’s head and tail in the right place before climbing the ladder, or else the ladder will not help you reach your destination. Furthermore, the leadership workshops I have attended recommend setting lifelong goals on three separate frontiers: personal, professional, and social ends to meet. I have further divided the social goals into my contributions to my family, friends, and my community.

My Personal Goals: I will keep a healthy mind, body, and soul so I could enjoy my journey on earth, throughout which I will keep learning, growing as a person, and following God’s guidance and prescribed ways of living.

My Professional Goals: I aspire to lead innovations in neuroscience, healthcare technology, and computing innovations which improve the quality of life worldwide in directions that match my interests, talents, and visions.

My Contributions to My Family: I commit myself to continuously better understand and best serve my immediate family (my parents, brother, future spouse, and future children) in order to excel and achieve their own goals. While my children are not of the age to set mature goals for themselves, I aspire to provide them with the best possible education, nurturing, moral upbringing, and environment to live, love, and grow into responsible and admirable adults.

My Contributions to My Friends: I will be fair and caring for my friends and colleagues, providing them with reliable, non-judgmental, and neutral counsel.

My Contributions to My Community: I will devote time, money, and effort to empower and serve the weak and the poor so that they would live better lives and I achieve prosperity and happiness.

Because I think five different ends are too many to pursue simultaneously, I decided to prioritize one goal over the others. Because I am somewhat workaholic I prioritize my professional and family’s goals over my other goals. Below you can find my mission statement set in early 2017:

“I will devote my life first to serve my family and then to lead innovations in neuroscience, healthcare technology, and computing innovations with the intention of improving people’s standards of living, all within boundaries set out by God and while maintaining optimal physical, mental, and spiritual health.”

I hope you too set out your goals early in life and successfully pursue your goals with minimal detours and unrewarded challenges.

Wish you best of luck, health, prosperity, and success.